Buying a Home

Search our web site for MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings. Find homes and properties for sale in your neighborhood from your local real estate agent. Our agents make it easy for you to find the perfect home no matter what you are looking for. Multiple listing service allows every agent to show all the propertys listed for sale regardless what agency has it listed. You only want to work with one agent. They will guide you through the buying process. They will follow up with your lender to be sure things are moving along and also work directly with your attorny to be sure you get the best service. Get to know your agent and be comfortable that they are honest and working on your behalf.


Tips for First Time Home Buyers
Buying a home can be a long, complicated and frightening process, and it is important to be prepared. Knowledge is power when it comes to negotiating the difficult world of home prices, interest rates and mortgage loans. For a first time home buyer, the more information you can gather before you start shopping, the better off you will be.


Why Buying a Home is a Good Idea
The Best Investment
Income Tax Savings
Stable Monthly Housing Costs
Forced Savings
Freedom and Individuality


Things Not To Do Before Buying a Home
No Major Purchases of Any Kind
Don’t Move Money Around


Making an Offer
Buying a home is a major event for both the buyer and seller. The seller makes plans based on your offer that affect his finances. However, it is more important than just money. In the half-hour it takes to write an offer you are making decisions that affect how you live for the next several years, if not the rest of your life. The seller is going to review your offer carefully, because it also affects how he or she lives the rest of their life. Home listings are based on what a seller is asking for their home with the help of a Real Estate agent. The agent should be familiar with the area to determine the market value of the property. Your buyers agent should also be knowledgeable of the area home sales to help determine what your offer should be. Often home buyers “Low Ball” a property trying to get the biggest bang for their buck. This isn’t always the best way to start negotiating with a seller. Your buyers agent should help you determine your starting bid by showing you comparable properties that have sold in the last 6-12 months to be sure the offer you are submitting has a chance of becoming a reality.


The idea of owning rental real estate seems to be gaining popularity as investors tire of the swoops and swoons of the stock market. Finding a profitable rental property usually takes time and connections. As with any other investment, you should have a good idea how long you plan to own a rental property before you buy it. Rental income can make a nice supplement to your day job. Find enough rental properties, and being a landlord may become your day job. Experienced landlords work with real estate agents who keep their eyes peeled for possible buys. Your realtor should be knowledgeable of the local market your buying in. College towns have the best investment opportunities. College students strive to be on their own and have their freedom. Too many rules on campus and as an upper classmen they start becoming part of the community. Living off campus helps them become a responsible person in the community. Student rental market is great for investors to be a part of. Property investors should have a local property management company. These companies charge a small fee to maintain your property in the summer and winter months. They will find you qualified tenants for the apartments or office space along with getting leases signed. Inquire with Oneonta Realty for any investment questions or property management needs you may have.